Beginner's Guide to HAC

What is this? What am I even supposed to do?!

Welcome to Hack and Cast, adventurer! Hack and Cast (HAC) is a browser RPG where players level their characters, battle monsters, find loot/item drops, dig for treasure, conquer the land, complete quests and slay invading beasts.

How do I fight monsters?

Click the 'Battle Monsters' button in the main window. You will begin with a series of fifty auto attacks in which your character attempts to fight fifty times. The number of auto attacks you are given can be upgraded if you wish.

What's with the foggy map on the screen?

The map resets every 3 hours. On the map, you will find various Shrines containing computer players (NPCs) that can give you items or abilities to use in HAC. The map will also glow or highlight a specific corner of the map when a beast is spawned. Players move around the map using the arrows that surround the map. This does require Travel Points. As you explore the map, it will un-fog.

How do I get Travel Points?

Travel Points can be obtained by purchasing them from the Market (Town Center tab), or in the Exchange Center (Town Center tab), participating in the Treasure Hunt (Treasure Hunt tab), using the Painite Smasher (Painite Shop Tab), or as a reward from Digging. Digging requires a fair amount of gold, though, and is fairly difficult for new players until you've earned some gold.

How do I get new items or equipment?

You do start out with three items that you need to equip in the Character Tab. You start with a basic weapon, basic chest of armor and a basic amulet. Items in HAC drop from monsters or beasts. Players can destroy items for Painite, sell them on the Market, or wear them. If you are having trouble finding items yourself, try checking the Market for equipment. With the exception of digging shovels, none of the HAC Shrine NPCs or any HAC vendor sells items.

How can I do quests?

Use the 'Quest Master' link on the top of your screen underneath your currency totals. The Quest Master will task you with quests to slay beasts that reward gold, gems, and occasionally Painite.

How can I get Painite?

Painite can be acquired for free from destroying items or completing offers in the Painite Shop tab. Alternatively, you can purchase it for real money using the Upgrades menu button, or buy it at the Market for gold.

I have another question.

Ask in chat! The community is generally very helpful.