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Item Notes:

Fighting Monsters level 15 and below will only drop items with one stat. The items will never be weapons or jewelry.
Monsters above level 16 can drop double stat items, two stat items, jewelry and weapons.
All items have a chance at being a 'Coveted' item, which is a more rare item drop. Coveted items have higher stats.

Stats on items can be attack, dexterity, health, evasion or digging. There's a small chance of having double stats on an item with one stat. (ie; an item from a monster would normally have 500 attack, it would have 1000 attack if the item would have double stats) There's also a small chance of two stats on a single item. They are any combination of the stats previously listed. Items with two stats cannot be double.

There are 4 kinds of items:

  • Normal, monster drop,
  • Coveted, rare monster drop,
  • Elemental, rare beast drop,
  • Legendary, Auction item.

Normal and Legendary items can be destroyed for 1 Painite or 50 gems, Coveted items can be destroyed for 2 Painite or 100 gems, Elemental items can be destroyed for 4 Painite or 200 gems. Getting Painite or gems from destroying is random with lower chance of getting Painite.

All regular (non-beast) monsters have the same chance of dropping loot. The chance is increased if you are fighting a 'Rare' monster (the mob will have Rare in the name). Beasts have a 1 in 10 chance of dropping ELEMENTAL loot, which is significantly more powerful than standard loot.

All numbers (+1, +1.5, etc) are based on the level of the monster being fought. Stats for items are calculated based on the monster level.

Any item with stats can also be equipped on Multipurpose slot 1 or Multipurpose slot 2.

List of items

Items with stats

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder
  • Chest
  • Sleeves
  • Waist
  • Weapon
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • Amulet
  • Ring

There is also purchasable equipment called Thor's Equipment


  • Spade, capable of 100 shovel loads (15 Minutes of Digging), can be purchased at Shovel Outfitter for 500,000 gold and it has 100 durability
  • Long Arm Shovel, capable of 800 shovel loads (120 Minutes of Digging), can be purchased at Shovel Outfitter for 5,000,000 gold and it has 800 durability
  • Shovel of the Elements, capable of 2400 shovel loads (360 Minutes of Digging), can be purchased at Shovel Outfitter for 13,000,000 gold and it has 2400 durability
  • Worker's Glove, can be purchased at Shovel Outfitter for 80 Painite, used besides shovels to reduce the chance of your shovel breaking

Once shovels are bought they can be destroyed for half their price. Worker's glove is a elemental item and can be broken for 4 Painite or 200 Gems. Shovels must be repaired before destroying or putting on market. Shovels are repaired at Shovel Outfitter. They must also be equipped for you to repair them.


  • Dread stones
  • Helium Bottle, used to contain Helium

Resources can be destroyed for small amounts of gold (1,000)


  • Weak key
  • Skull key
  • Master key

Weak key has smallest chances of opening a chest while Master key has the highest chances. You can buy a Master key at Locksmith for 5 Painite

Treasure chests

  • Near empty treasure chest
  • Half full treasure chest
  • Loaded treasure chest

Near empty treasure chests has the least rewards while Loaded treasure chests has the most rewards. Loaded treasure chests and Half-Full chests can have painite inside them, but have others inside as well. Other rewards chests can only contain are gold, gems and travel points. The amount of gold, gems, travel points and painite are limited and random generated.

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