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  1. Find Shovel Outfitter
  2. Buy yourself a shovel
  3. Move to another square, with no shrine, click dig

Dig Options

  • Enable Treasure Hunting - this will enable your dig to search for treasure chests, this will, however, remove any XP and stat rewards (You can still find treasure chests without this option, but you have higher chances of finding them with this)
  • Length of Dig - this will determine how long you will dig for, digging for the full time is not guaranteed as your shovel may break (You can upgrade the time you dig (Dig Auto Boost) in the upgrades
  • Digging Force - as you can imagine, this determines the force of the dig, the higher the force, more rewards/chance of treasure by increasing shovel loads per minute, but comes with a higher risk of your shovel breaking

Shovel Loads

  • Soft - Less chance of shovel breaking, gathering 4 shovel loads per minute
  • Medium - Average chance of shovel breaking, gathering 5 shovel loads per minute
  • Hard - Higher chance of shovel breaking, gathering 7.5 shovel loads per minute

Hint: Improving your digging skill allows you a greater chance of finding riches while digging below the crust of Htrea, and decreases the chance of your shovel breaking while you dig.

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