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It was my fault But...

Q - It was my fault I accidentally sold, destroyed or lost something important to me. Can Admin return it?

A - No.


Q - Can Monsters Heal?

A - Yes, monsters and beasts can heal.

Q - Do Monster levels increase?

A - Yes, maximum monster level player can fight, increase by 2500 every 100,000 total kills.


Q - How can I raise my (HP) Health/ Hit Points?

A - HP will increase with your character level and you can also increase it by equipping HP Gear and buying a 1 hour double HP boost under "Temporary boosts to your character's stats" in the Painite Shop.


Q - How do I get Painite?

A - Destroying items, quests, market, opening treasure chests, completing offers, competing in monthly competitions. OR via PayPal.

Q - What can I spend my Painite on?

A - Level Cap increase, Smashing into Million of gold/resources, Special Boosts (personal or community), Participating in monthly competitions, Casino deposits, Treasure Hunt


Q - How much does it cost to conquer land?

A - You must first meet the mob requirement of 100 mobs kills (any level) Afterwards you may or may not spend a 'Painite' to gain control of the tile.

Q - The tile I'm residing in says 200 mob requirement and 2 'Painite', Why?

A - That land is currently controlled by someone else, Conquer it for Personal Double Boost Bonus!

Q - What happens when I conquer a piece of land?

A - You gain control of the tile, the monthly "land conquering competition" Prize Pot Increases!, You also receive 30 minutes of personal Double boost, You receive points for the land competition towards winning the Prize Pot.


Q - How do I fight?

A - Main > (select target monster level) > Battle Monsters


Q - How do I Dig?

A - Main > Dig > Select time and force. (Treasure Hunting is optional and you can still gain chests without this option, but this option raises your chances)

Q - How do I increase my digging skill?

A - Digging base stat that is linked to your character level and Gear.


Q - If I move after setting up camp and the map resets does it take you to camp?

A - After you move from where you set up camp, you are informed that you are no longer camping there.

Event Log

Q - What is the purpose of the event log?

A - The event log is most useful if checked for information you may have missed while your 'autos' were taking place.

Playing the Game

Q - What happens every 3 hours when the map resets?

A - Every three hours in Htrea the map will reset. Your location and shrine locations will be relocated, Beasts will remain where they are. Unless you have set up camp!

Q - Can I play the game as a digger OR fighter only, what would the progress be like?

A - You may choose to dig or fight or both, stats are given random and you can gain level by both means. Digging will grant you Chests as well as Travel Points. Fighting will help you obtain keys to open chests. Having another member in the community to sell or trade with will help you prosper.

Q - How do I adjust my 'Chance to Hit' percent?

A - Your chance to hit percent can be adjusted, by switching gear around until you find a suitable combination for your desired total amount, 100% being the greatest. As well you may spend Gold (with an addition of Painite for better boost) to increase your chance to hit under "Temporary boosts" in the Character tab.


Q - What is the level cap?

A - It's the highest level you can reach, you can increase by sacrificing 7 levels for 1 level increase in your level cap or you can pay 15 painite to increase it by 15 levels without losing levels.

Q - How do I gain experience (XP) to level my character?

A - In HAC you can gain XP by: fighting monsters (mobs), digging & killing Beasts.

Q - What are multipurpose slots?

A - Your character is fashioned with 2 multipurpose slots, equip them as you please (these are additional armor/weapon slots)

Q - Can I change my character name?

A - Currently, No. But you are welcome to create more than one account.


Q - What are the keys for?

A - Keys are obtained through fighting, there are three levels of keys which have different rates of success opening chest's

Q - What are the chests for?

A - Chests are obtained through digging and are all full of treasures, containing gold, gems, travel points and even painite.


Q - How do I open Chests?

A - You can buy/trade/fight for a key to open your chest at the Locksmith Shrine.

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