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Currently known as Killer Dice

Killer Dice is a fun way for Sylus to aide other community member's in a friendly wager for in-game gold.

How to Play

  1. Find someone who wishes to make a gold bet or wager against you of equal value.
  2. Get in touch with Sylus, and let him know who is placing bets.
  3. Sylus will initially list 2 Gems for the wager amounts.


  • Two players want to increase their Gold and win 1,000,000 Gold.
  • Sylus puts 2 individual Gem auctions up for: 555,556 Gold.
  • (55,556 gold extra to cover the tax)
  • Whomever wins places 205 Gems on the market for a total of 1,000,000 Gold.
  • (205 Gems @ 4878 ea. to claim your 1,000,000 Gold which will be taxed.)


  1. First and second rolling order , will be given as choice in PM
  2. If both players wish to go first, or second. whoever replied first get's priority.
  3. The 'win' is determined by the total value of each players roll (two 6D's)
  4. If both players 'tie' there is a do-over. (re-roll)

--- Note: Rules always subject to change and improvision.

Note 5mil bet is 5,555,552

Note Claim 10mil is 205 @ 48780

Game 2

"7 or 11"

left or right decided, lowest number takes first or second roll

players are trying to get 7 or 11.

11 and 7 are winning total numbers

if you roll doubles you get a free roll again.

once one player gets 7 or 11 the opposition gets one chance (roll) to tie it.

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