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Hack and Cast

Hack and Cast (HAC) is a free browser-based RPG. Level your character, vanquish your foes, and ascend the ranks of HAC! Fight monsters for unique treasures and keys, or dig through the crust of the ground in search of treasure chests. Beasts spawn at random and invade the lands of Htrea - will you be able to protect our precious hearth?

Screenshot of Hack and Cast Gameplay

Play Free, Win Real Money

Hack and Cast hosts monthly competitions, rewarding players with cash and in-game currency. Enter into our monthly Beast Hunt competition, in which competing HAC fighters slay as many beasts as possible to win the competition.

Constant Action

Players have a chance at spawning beasts with every action, and the in-game map resets every 3 hours. Scour the in-game map to find hidden Shrines imperative to your adventure or special locations to fulfill quest objectives. Slay monsters and beasts for a chance at finding unique loot from enemies!

Progress your level in Hack and Cast as a Digger or Fighter

As an adventurer of Hack and Cast, you can battle monsters to receive rewards such as keys. If you don't consider yourself much of a fighter, you may find digging rewards to be more interesting: Treasure Chests in which can only be opened with a key from fighting or buying for Painite at the Locksmith Shrine. Diggers and fighters of HAC must work together to succeed though, as each action offers unique rewards. One can choose to be a Digger and Fighter to be the best of both worlds and strive for the best!

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