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Menu picture



Main tab of the game.

Things to see:

  • The map
  • Boosts
  • Your location
  • World you are in
  • Amount of Travel points

Things to do:

In case you are on a shrine you can also repair shovels, buy shovels, buy permits, open chests here.


The page has 5 sub-tabs:


On the left you can see your 14 slots where you can equip your gear. On the right you see your items (Click here for more information about items)

Character Stats

Things to see:

  • Stats
  • Bid tokens
  • Travel points
  • Level
  • Level cap
  • Rank
  • World
  • Registered date
  • Total kills
  • Total beast kills
  • Total digs (shovel loads)
  • Quests completed
  • Total gold gambled
  • Total gems gambled
  • Total times voted
  • Total 1st places in daily kills
  • Total 1st places in daily levels
  • Keys broken opening treasure chests
  • Shovels broken while digging
  • Levels sacrificed

Under your stats you can also see the permits that you've bought and your monthly Beast Hunt Points.

If you click "+" button next to Health you will be taken to boost page for double HP.

If you click "+" button next to Hit Chance you will be taken to boost page for increasing Hit Chance.

Temporary Boosts

  • Boost: Temporary boosts to your character's stats
    • HP Boost: 100% Bonus to HP, this affects your total HP,
    • Bloodlust Boost: 3 tiers to the boost with it's own prices depending on boost's effect, they all increase Attack,
    • Athleticism Boost: 3 tiers to the boost with it's own prices depending on boost's effect, they all increase Dexterity,
    • Hit Chance Boost: 3 tiers to the boost with it's own prices depending on boost's effect, they all increase Hit Chance.

Click here for boost prices

  • Boost: Double Auto Attacks/XP/Gold and more beast spawns! [Server Wide]
    • Option 1: Duration: 30 Minutes, Cost: 10 Painite
    • Option 2: Duration: 60 Minutes, Cost: 15 Painite
      • Bonus effect: +5% Beast Spawn chance, up to 25% boost!
    • Option 3: Duration: 6 Hours, Cost: 70 Painite
      • Bonus effect: +25% Beast Spawn chance, up to 25% boost!

Daily Progress

Here you can see how many levels you've gained and how many monsters you have killed.

Below that in each column you will see milestones and their rewards.

Event Log

Here you can see last 15 events that have happened to your character.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Map of Htrea or Sybalgone on the left. You can see the tiles for the monthly conquering competition. Who has captured a tile and the tile level. Below that you can also see the Conquering Bonuses and Legend of the map. Each player has their own color that tiles are colored in when conquered.

On the right you can see the treasure hunt. The hunt goes on until all tiles of that map is conquered (this map is separate from the Land Conquering map). Below this you can see how the treasure hunt works. There is also a map of campers below.

Town Center

Town Center has four sub-tabs:


Hector's Casino. Feeling lucky? The HAC Casino loves lucky players!


Every 3 days, a new legendary item from the Vaults of Hector's Castle will be posted for auction! Players are free to bid on these items using Bid Tokens (BT). Every time a player bids, the auction will be extended by 20 minutes.

Item is listed here from the vaults and auctioned for 3 days. However reserve (Usually 10 BT) must be met else the item vanishes as it does when there is no bid. When you're outbid, your bid tokens will be returned.


There are 9 categories in total:

These are all sold for gold except XP which is sold for Painite.

Exchange Center

Here you can exchange to get Travel Points, Bid Tokens, Gold into Platinum bars and Platinum bars into Gold.


Voting for us on Top Gaming sites will randomly reward ONE of: 250,000 Gold, 100 Gems, or 2 Painite per site, per day.

You may vote once per day PER website! The 'day' begins at midnight server time.

A new window will open when you click the vote image. Many times you need to enter a CAPTCHA or perform an action to actually vote, so look closely.

Voting sites listed:

  • Top100Arena
  • ApexWebGaming
  • Arena Top100

Refer Friends

You have your ref link listed here that you can send to others to refer them and your referral stats.


  • Do not spam your ref link. Any unsolicited spamming of your ref link will lead to your bonus Painite being removed!
  • You may not refer yourself. Any players found to be earning referral Painite from their own purchases will have the bonus Painite revoked.


In the settings you can select your avatar from a drop down menu and your profile comment.

Below, you can see your Hero of Htrea and Champion stats and settings for changing the time that is listed in the event log and chat. You will still see the server time above your name and level in the top left.

You can also disable chat sounds and purchase announcements made in the chat.

Remember to save settings when you're done.

Painite Shop

  • Upgrade your character's drop rates, auto attacks and more, links to Upgrades tab
  • Buy Painite, links to Upgrades tab
  • Complete offers/Surveys for free Painite, Various offers to complete for [[Painite|Painite] and BT (1 BT for every 10 Painite, but they do not stack from 1 offer to another, ie. completing 16 Painite offer will give you 1 BT and completing another 16 Painite will give you 1 BT).

They are sorted by how many users have successfully completed offers (most successful are at top).


There are 6 tabs to upgrades page.

Stat upgrades

Here you can upgrade your character with Painite.

You can also choose a class here, but be careful what you choose, it costs 1000 Painite to change it.

Below that is

  • Level Unlock, 15 Painite for 15 additional levels to your level cap and
  • Level Sacrifice, sacrificing 7 levels to unlock 1 additional level cap or sacrificing 70 levels to unlock 10 additional level cap or sacrificing 700 levels to unlock 100 additional level cap

Purchase Painite & Bid Tokens

Here you can buy Painite and Bid Tokens for your character!

Hero & Champion Packages

Hero of Htrea benefits

Champion benefits

Purchase Thor's Equipment

Thor's Equipment is awesome gear that is always triple the attack or dexterity (depending on which you buy) of the current maximum monster level. When the maximum monster level changes, so does Thor's Equipment's stats.

Purchase Magical Items

Beast Whistle

Beast whistle can summon the mighty beasts!

There are also 2 upgrades to the whistle:

  • Winds upgrade
  • Lucky upgrade

Magical Compass

Enjoy unlimited travel with this Magical Compass!

Purchase Rank Update

Want to make a unique rank for your character? Stand out and make a statement.

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