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Painite is the premium, purchasable currency on HAC. It is the secondary currency behind gold, BUT the most important. Below you will find all the ways to gain painite, and to spend them.

Collecting Painite

  • The most obvious way is purchasing them via PayPal
  • The easiest, free way to gain Painite is by completing free offers in the "Complete offers/surveys for free Painite" option under Painite shop
  • Another free way is by destroying equipment you get from monsters, less frequent and smaller quantity
  • Monthly competitions (Land Conquering and Beast Hunting by converting your first place prize, or for second place)
  • You also gain Painite from killing super beasts, from chests, a rare reward for completing quests (1-5) purchasing for gold and the treasure hunt
  • Voting gives you a chance to get 2 Painite per site, per day
  • Daily Activity, certain number of levels or kills in a day reward Painite

Spending Painite

  • The main uses are for conquering map squares, purchasing XP boosts, upgrading your max level and upgrading your autos, XP, drops, gold and digging
  • Painite is also the currency used for trading experience
  • Purchasing special items, notably: Worker's Gloves which reduces the chance of your shovel breaking during digs
  • 90 minute digs
  • Painite smasher to gain gold, gems and travel points
  • Purchasing beast permits
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Guilds - coming soon
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