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*Requires Shovel of the Elements.
*Requires Shovel of the Elements.
*Costs 10 Painite and 2000 gems
*Costs 10 Painite and 1000 Gems
*Upgrades by 100 durability
*Upgrades by 100 durability

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  • Purchase, repair and upgrade shovels here.
  • Workers Gloves are sold here to reduce risk of shovel break
  • Spade, capable of 100 shovel loads (15 Minutes of Digging), can be purchased for 500,000 gold and it has 100 durability
  • Long Arm Shovel, capable of 800 shovel loads (120 Minutes of Digging), can be purchased for 5,000,000 gold and it has 800 durability
  • Shovel of the Elements, capable of 2400 shovel loads (360 Minutes of Digging), can be purchased for 13,000,000 gold and it has 2400 durability, this is also the only shovel that can be upgraded
  • Worker's Glove, can be purchased for 80 painite, used besides shovels to reduce the chance of your shovel breaking

Once shovels are bought they can be destroyed for half their price. Worker's glove is a elemental item and can be broken for 4 painite or 100 gems. Shovels must be repaired before destroying or putting on market. Shovels are repaired 1,000 gold per durability lost at Shovel Outfitter this excludes Shovel of the Elements, which costs 6 million gold to repair at any durability. They must also be equipped for you to repair them.

[edit] Imbue shovel with an Elemental Upgrade

  • Requires Shovel of the Elements.
  • Costs 10 Painite and 1000 Gems
  • Upgrades by 100 durability
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